The Mind Body Connection with Emotions – Skill #8

The Mind Body Connection is powerful; our emotions are stored not only in our brain, but in our bodily response. When we have a strong emotion, our body has a physical reaction. Emotions can seem trapped in our body when we have a chronic stress response, or other hurts. In this section you’re going to […]

Primary vs. Secondary Emotions – Skill #7

You can’t always believe everything you feel. Sometimes strong emotions are actually covering up deeper emotions. In the 7th skill in my How to Process your Emotions course you’re going to learn about Primary and Secondary Emotions. Secondary Emotions can Deceive You A wise Jedi once said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, […]

Willingness: The Essential Skill for Processing Emotions – Skill #6

This is the one skill I wish everyone had- Willingness- the ability to experience your emotions without needing to immediately escape or avoid them. Willingness is an essential skill from ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, it’s a practical way to learn to allow yourself to experience what you are feeling so that you can work […]

Happy Place Meditation: Relax and Fall Asleep Faster

In this guided meditation, I walk you through visualizing your happy place, your safe place, your calming place so that you can relax and fall asleep. Breathe OK, so let’s begin  ○  Let’s begin by simply breathing out, releasing all the air inside of you ○  breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, down […]

Rewire the Anxious Brain- The Anxiety Cycle

The Anxiety Cycle Here’s the amazing thing about your brain, it’s made to re-wire itself all the time. This is called Neuroplasticity-Scientists used to think that after childhood our brain was pretty much locked in place, but now that we have better imaging technology we can literally see how the brain changes depending on how […]

Neuroplasticity Nugget #1- Can you Rewire Depression?

Hello Everyone! You want to know what my favorite thing is? Neuroplasticity- the ability our brain has to learn, grow, to change its physical structure and how it functions, based on how we use it. People often have the misconception that if they experience anxiety or depression that there’s something permanently wrong with them, or […]

Daily Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

I don’t know about you-but for me 2020 has been a bit of a stressful year. So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I do everyday to reduce  stress and anxiety. But in this video I’m also going to explain a way of thinking about stress that can transform it from […]

Mental Filtering: Thinking this way might make you depressed

Mental Filtering: Why you may only notice the Negative-Cognitive Distortion #4 Garrisson- That is not how you spell garrison, I’m going to remember this word forever, because it’s the word that I missed on the 7th grade spelling bee. I took second place in that prestigious event, but only because I added an extra “S” […]

Help Friends with Depression by Learning to Listen

Change The World One Skill at a Time: World Mental Health Day Small and simple ways to help friends with depression Hello everyone, Today is World Mental Health Day., Right now around a billion people experience a mental illness or a substance abuse disorder and depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. But the […]

7 Ways you Make your Anxiety Worse

Skill #5: How Avoidance leaves you trapped in a struggle with emotions Do you make your anxiety worse? You probably don’t realize it, but most people get stuck in a struggle with their emotions. They feel like they have to fight against their emotions or their emotions will take over. But struggling against or avoiding […]