The Mind Body Connection with Emotions – Skill #8

The Mind Body Connection is powerful; our emotions are stored not only in our brain, but in our bodily response. When we have a strong emotion, our body has a physical reaction. Emotions can seem trapped in our body when we have a chronic stress response, or other hurts. In this section you’re going to […]

Primary vs. Secondary Emotions – Skill #7

You can’t always believe everything you feel. Sometimes strong emotions are actually covering up deeper emotions. In the 7th skill in my How to Process your Emotions course you’re going to learn about Primary and Secondary Emotions. Secondary Emotions can Deceive You A wise Jedi once said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, […]

Willingness: The Essential Skill for Processing Emotions – Skill #6

This is the one skill I wish everyone had- Willingness- the ability to experience your emotions without needing to immediately escape or avoid them. Willingness is an essential skill from ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, it’s a practical way to learn to allow yourself to experience what you are feeling so that you can work […]

7 Ways you Make your Anxiety Worse

Skill #5: How Avoidance leaves you trapped in a struggle with emotions Do you make your anxiety worse? You probably don’t realize it, but most people get stuck in a struggle with their emotions. They feel like they have to fight against their emotions or their emotions will take over. But struggling against or avoiding […]

Skill #4 Radical Responsibility- Clean Pain Vs. Dirty Pain

Clean pain vs. dirty Pain therapy in a nutshell

The truth is that we create much of our own suffering. Why is this knowledge awesome? If we can identify something we are doing to create our own suffering then we can fix it! We can take action to resolve the problem and come to peace.

The Function of Emotions 3/30

The Function of Emotions Therapy in a Nutshell

Emotions aren’t just “Bad things that happen to us” they serve at least 3 important functions in our lives, and we have to honor the function of emotions if we want to process through them.

Fostering a Non-Judgmental Attitude Toward Emotions 2/30

non judgmental stance therapy in a nutshell

A Nonjudgmental attitude toward emotions has been shown to be the most effective trait of mindfulness to help prevent depression and anxiety. A Non-judgmental attitude means describing your emotions instead of judging them.

How to Process Emotions- Introduction

How to Process Emotions-Therapy in a Nutshell

Emotion Processing is a system you can go through to regulate and resolve your emotions. In this video you’re going to learn what emotion processing is, what gets in the way of it, and how you can start to learn to work through your emotions so they don’t build up in a harmful way in your life.